Who am I? My name is Nicholas McConnaughay and I am a writer for Mishmashers Publishing (a small independent company I co-own with my brother Scott Moore) and webmaster for the social media website Dustjacket.

   If I had to briefly describe my writing style to a casual onlooker – I would call it a hodgepodge of sorts. I believe individuals are multifaceted. That we aren’t any one thing in-particular. I have a fantasy series about thieves and dragons, and magical beings, but I also have a detective mystery series I write about a detective fox with more problems than a math book. Today, I wrote something silly. Tomorrow, I will write something that isn’t. The most reoccurring theme in my stories is an inner darkness and a wicked sense of humor, something I try not to repress as I think I do both well (in my humblest opinion).

   What is Nickelbib? When my nephew was still in diapers (that’s Scott’s son, for any keeping track), he always threw around goofy pronunciations of my name. Nickel-guy was a favorite he did. One day, a friend of mine heard it, and soon, Nickelbib became a silly, go-to nickname for everybody (it’s what my wife calls me!). It’s like an anti-nickname and that’s why I decided to embrace its charm.

   What is Nickelbib.com? Nickelbib.com is every review I have written all the years and counting, with reviews dating all the way back to 2013 (I have reviews from as early as 2007, but, for your sake, I have decided to exclude them – eleven-year-old Nickelbib’s tastes weren’t as refined, you see?). They aren’t all well written, per se. After all, I went through phases over the years. Sometimes, I did it for fun. They were reviews on blogsites or message boards (remember those?), other times, I was super-serious and tried to act real professional like. Nowadays, I’m someplace between that. I love cinema. I love videogames. I love books. I love storytelling altogether!

   In its own way, reviews are an extension of my creative process and how I process other people’s storytelling and evolve my own. Sometimes, I don’t have the best take on what I write about. Sometimes, I’m dead on. All times though, I try to be open-minded and welcome to reevaluation (which is why I will sometimes revisit films I have reviewed before). Hopefully, the reviews you read on the frontpage will carry that sentiment. The older reviews, while I do look at them and make modest changes on occasion (sometimes I was mean, I don’t want to be mean anymore), hopefully serve as a chronicling of how my opinion has matured and improved over time.